Music Videos

Anything You Synthesize

The video for ‘Anything You Synthesize’ was created after the band forged a relationship with Dutch video powerhouse Onesize, and particularly with owner Rogier Hendricks. Upon hearing an advance copy of ‘A Memory Stream’ Onesize and The American Dollar worked together on a collaborative basis to create what would become one of the band’s early breakthroughs. Following months of tireless work by the Onesize team, what was eventually considered by many to be a masterpiece was created and later released. The video became very popular, and brought great visibility to the song.

Second Sight

The video for Second Sight was created by Yan Goldschmidt of Brokengrid. The band took a more hands on approach to this video, giving instruction on what they wanted to be achieved. At the time, the band was heavily influenced by reading about growing environmental concerns, and the video carried that message forward. The video was well received and has been a staple of the live visuals for the band since release in 2010.

As We Float

As We Float was a timelapse video created in 2012 for the band by visual artist Tor Evan Mathison of Norway. Featuring visuals of the Aurora Borealis and other winter time natural phenomena, the video was a great accompaniment to the high flying epic track.

Manhattan In Motion

Also out of The American Dollar timelapse era projects came the most popular of the bunch, Manhattan in Motion created by Josh Owens aka Mindrelic. The project found Mindrelic setting up various timelapse capture equipment in locations all over Manhattan in New York City. The project was explosively well received, going viral on social media and also being featured by various press outlets.

A Moment Between Us

A Moment Between Us was commissioned by The American Dollar in early 2018. Working with director Sam Scofy, a very dramatic video was created, using narration from a young victim with a terminal medical condition to create an inspiring, and engaging dialogue with the viewer. Vintage filming equipment was used to capture a nostalgic feel for the production.

Timelapse Project

The band was particularly inspired by the growing number of videographers filming timelapse videos, and how well these videos seemed to match with The American Dollar’s music. The band began pursuing creative partnerships with these filmmakers, and a great series followed, as seen here.

1) ‘Anything You Synthesize’ Video Production
By Onesize
2) Manhattan In Motion
By Mindrelic / Song: Lights Dim
3) Arctic Motion
By Tor Even Mathisen / Song: As We Float
4) ‘Equinox’ Video Production
By Ahwahnee Films
5) ‘Circuits’ Video Production
By Rafael Asquith
6) ‘Rudiments of a Spiritual Life’ Video Production
By Andres Mejias Diaz
7) ‘Second Sight’ Video Production
By Brokengrid
8) ‘Circuits’ Video Production
By Blue Eden
9) ‘The Slow Wait’ Video Production
By Enrique Pacheco
10) Adventure is Calling
By Shane Black / Song: Signaling Through The Flames
11) Joshua Tree during the 2013 Perseid Meteor Shower
By Evosia Timelapse Workshop / Song: Red Letter
12) Barcelona Kaliedoscope
By myLapse / Song: Signaling Through The Flames
13) ‘Equinox’ Video Production
By Dakota Lapse
14) ‘Bump’ Video Production
By The American Dollar
15) ‘Starscapes’ Video Production
By Andres Mejias Diaz
16) ‘Somnambulance’ Video Production
By Dan Eckert
17) ‘Where We Are’ Video Production
By Jansoli
18) ‘The Technicolour Sleep’ Video Production
By Francis Fortin
19) ‘Long March’ Video Production
By Justin Sullivan
20) ‘We’re Hitting Everything (Ambient)’ Video Production
By Bart Van Der Gaag
21) Iceland Through The Music of The American Dollar
By / Song: Shadows (Ambient)
22) Munich Timelapse
By Greg Kiss / Song: First Day
23) ‘Signaling Through The Flames’ Video Production
By Pentalux Team
24) ‘Faces In The Haze’ Video Production
By Andres Mejias Diaz
25) Drammen City
By URBAN / Song: Equinox
26) Timelapse Sunset In Korea
By Kooi Park / Song: Friends of Friends
27) Mid Atlantic In Motion
By Mike Zorger / Song: Circuits
28) After The Storm
By Eric Hines / Song: Anything You Synthesize
29) ‘4 BC’ Video Production
By Peter Wilkinson

Live Performances

1) Age Of Wonder
We are Post Rock (Filmed at Casa Del Popolo in Montreal, Canada)
2) Rudiments of a Spiritual Life
We are Post Rock (Filmed at Casa Del Popolo in Montreal, Canada)
3) Faces In The Haze / Friends of Friends Medley
Panopticon (Filmed in Brooklyn, NYC, as part of the ambitious Panopticon 360 project by Christopher Piazza)
4) Fade In Out
Panopticon (Filmed in Brooklyn, NYC, as part of the ambitious Panopticon 360 project by Christopher Piazza)